Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to 02 vostfr HD
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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
Genre(s) :
Comédie, Ecchi
Synopsis :

Yûki Aito est un mangaka un peu pervers qui peine à comprendre les sentiments des personnages de ses histoires. Alors que son éditeur lui met la pression et qu’il manque cruellement d’expérience avec les filles, Yûki sollicite l’aide de son assistante, Sahoto Ashisu. Heureusement pour lui, elle est prête à tout pour son travail.


Episode 02 : Une nouvelle assistante entre en scène / Le plus important / Pour la première fois

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あげまんと福ちん Age Man to Fuku Chin [RAW].avi
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Tokyo Toshokan

69ピンクライダース 69 Pink Riders Ep.01-02 [EngSubs]
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Comment: Language: Japanese Subtitles: English Lenght: ~50min per episode Episodes: 2 Type: AVI
Tokyo Toshokan

[Novel] Gardinal Red of Ashes (灰燼のカーディナル・レッド)
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[Novel][jp] Gardinal Red of Ashes 01.rar
[Novel][jp] Gardinal Red of Ashes 02.rar
[Novel][jp] Gardinal Red of Ashes 03.rar


[Hroz] スキュラさんに捕まって。.zip
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Tokyo Toshokan

Tokisaka-san wa Boku to Chikyuu ni Kibishisugiru. (時坂さんは僕と地球に厳しすぎる。)
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Associated Names
Tokisaka-san wa Boku to Chikyuu ni Kibishisugiru. (時坂さんは僕と地球に厳しすぎる。)
Tokisaka-san wa Boku to Chikyū ni Kibishisugiru
Tokisaka-san wa Boku to Chikyuu ni Kibishi Sugiru
Tokisaka-san wa Boku to Chikyuu ni Kibishisugiru
Utsugi Souya has lived life avoiding the spotlight. He always tries to follow the rules and be a good samaritan, especially when it came to environmental issues. He would go as far as being late to school if it meant protecting the Earth by separating the trash in the correct order.
One day while walking home from school, he finds that someone has messed with his trash. His trash has been left behind because the different types of trash were mixed up. The perpetrator kept mixing up only Souya’s trash everyday, so one day Souya decides to lie and wait to catch this annoying criminal. That day, he finds that the perpetrator was actually the recently transferred classmate, Tokisaka Koyomi, and she reveals that she has come from the future to stop all environmentally friendly activity. Now, Souya and Tokisaka will have to live together and destroy the environment so that Tokisaka can go back to the future.






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Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary!
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It is amazing how far we have come! Come, celebrate our 4th Anniversary with us by reading our new releases and old releases from long ago!

Much thanks to Evil Flowers and Random Scans for jointing up with us over the years. You’ll see that they contributed to a bulk, perhaps a majority, of our releases. Without them, there would undoubtedly be less manga to share with you guys.

Of course there is the staff of SDS to thank for the shaping of this group. Without each member’s contribution, SDS would have nothing to offer. Please read the credits and acknowledge all the staff that had a part in making your manga reading experience lovely.

Finally, we must give all of props the mangakas who created the masterpieces that we found worthy of our time. Make sure the love you have for their manga translates back into a physical form by purchasing your own digital or print copy of the manga if you are able.

Thank you, readers for 4 fun years of scanlation and manga!

[April 15th] Brave 10 Volume 8
\ act 44 \ act 45 \

[April ??] ??? ???
// ?? //

*P.S. Come back over the course of the week for more chapters =]

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